2. „EndoMarch“ worldwide campaign – Instructions for the Flashmob-Worldrecord on 28. March 2015

The EndoMarch is a worldwide campaign to increase awareness of endometriosis, adenomyosis and myoma among our society. It shall also draw attention to other diseases that cause symptoms of pain in the lower abdomen and are related to the ones named above as well as illnesses of women in general.

Altogether, 200 million girls and women are living with these devastating diseases all over the world. Therefore, we believe that this campaign is essential to cause changes.

Endometriosis, for example, has already existed for millennia and is not a disease of our modern, affluent society. However, endometriosis and its consequences are not present in the public and often belittled.

Endometriosis is a disease without a lobby. Despite being one of the most frequently diagnosed chronic disease among women and effecting a wide range of ages from 8 to 65 years, neither the disease nor its symptoms and consequences are well known within society. The average time passing between the first symptoms and the final diagnosis is 6 to 10 years, even longer if you are a pain patient. During these years, the women see several doctors until being diagnosed correctly. In most cases, a number of wrong diagnoses precede the medical outcome “Edometriosis”.

Endometriosis has drastic physical, mental and social consequences for the affected women. The specific effects on each woman vary greatly. The spectrum of stages of life that are affected reaches from women with a desire to have children to women with troubles during menopause. While some of these women feel sign of anything that could hint to the disease, others pass out because of the pain.

The lack of knowledge of the disease that is evident in society is also mirrored in the medical circles. Hence, many of the persons diagnosed with Endometrioses wish that more educational work will be done in medical practices, hospitals as well as the public in the near future. They also hope that, as a result of this, funding will be given to nationwide shelters and programs for people affected with endometriosis, to research for finding a faster and easier way to diagnose the disease, to programs which support people after surgery and help with the reintegration into an active working life and to therapists who help couples that want to have children.

The sooner endometriosis is diagnosed and treated suitably; the sooner one is able to contain a process that often is chronic and painful. We, the diagnosed women, want to experience a better quality of life and be able to act out sexually without any restrictions. Also, nobody should be refused a late desire to have children.

We want woman with endometriosis to finally have a voice and gain a lobby.

Until then, there is still a long way to go. However, the first step was taken in the USA with the campaign EndoMarch that went worldwide at March 13, 2014. The next ‘EndoMarch’ is planned for March 28, 2015. Many nations will be joining in again.

The styles of the different programs of the countries are as diverse as the countries themselves. You will find a range from professional information platforms to cosy gatherings with tea and cake and everything in between.

The second worldwide EndoMarch is special because it combines our statement with a flash mob. The flash mob shall gain us an entry in the Guinness Book of Records. It shall show the world what the diseases means to us.

Here in Germany, we liked to work on the performance and other material that later was combined, in cooperation of 1StepBallroomLounge, THK – Design and the Netzwerk Endometriose – Tilia, to a video of the collective flash mob. With the hope that it will be well received worldwide and is implemented jointly with heart and joy.

Each country participating needs to document every attender! Every person taking part needs to be counted and pictured. This could be a photo or video. Please send your photo or video to the Team USA at info@endomarch.org with keyword: 2. „EndoMarch“ – Flashmob 2015. This pictured proof is very important! Thank you!

We are only strong together! Join us and be a part of it!

We would be grateful, if you join the campaign in any way. For example, you can support us via Facebook, Twitter, a blog or a press release about our events.

It is essential to gain as much participation as possible.

You can find more information about countries participating in the EndoMarch as well as more details about possibilities to participate on the websites: Worldwide EndoMarch and Find a Team.

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