Impressions on the second EndoMarch Saturday, March 28, 2015 – Team Germany in Leipzig

by Rehema Amar

Endomarch 28.03.2015

On Saturday, March 28, 2015, we celebrated the EndoMarch worldwide. Short to twelve in Leipzig, a few minutes to the beginning of the EndoMarch in the congress hall of St. Elizabeth hospital: The rows of chairs are half filled, the last preparations on the technical systems are made. The event is being sponsored by the endometriosis foundation of the St. Elizabeth hospital.

The welcoming and the introduction were made by Dr. Henne, principal consultant of the gynecology. Mrs Weinel, a member of the encounter group of Leipzig, speaks about the meaning of this disease. Following this, there was a round of talk with Mrs Klass, Mrs Döring, Mr Seidel and Mrs Weinel. At the beginning, Mrs Klass, a member of the SKIS Leipzig, talked about self help in general and about the town of Leipzig. There was an interview with Mrs Döring. The talked about her motivation as to found the endometriosis network and several encounter groups. Following this, Mr Seidel talked about: Nutrition and sports in endometriosis with an emphasis on the importance of heavy metals, naturopathy, especially phytopharmaceuticals and dietary supplements, and the abandonment of several food products. Mrs Weinel was the last one who talked. She told us something about side-effects of medicinal treatments; e.g. tapping of our body or lying on solid ground in order to prevent osteoporosis. She also talked about vitamin deficiencies that can occur and the options to solve such problems. She shared Mr Seidel opinion that vitamins have to be supplied to the body through a healthy diet and easy kinds of sport with a huge serving of extra sun on top.

After the break it was Prof Dr med Korrell’s turn. „Endometriosis – living with this disorder“ followed by Dr med Cornelius talking about „Endometriosis and rehab“. At the beginning of their speech, Prof Dr med Korell explained what the two most common causes for endometriosis seem to be as well as its operative and medicinal treatments. He also pointed out that the nutrition plays a major role; according to him it is healthy to eat green vegetables as well as it is unhealthy to eat red meat. He told us something about the therapeutic experiences he had made and about his psychological work. He also said something about the burden of relationships. For this reason he compared survey result of couples, with women suffering from breast cancer and endometriosis. The results clearly show off that men also are affected by their partner’s diseases. In contrast to women who suffer from endometriosis, women who suffer from breast cancer tend to strengthen their bonds to their partner. The relationships of endometriosis affected people, however, is heavily stressed. An experience that reflects the sad truth.

Subsequently, we had an open discussion round. We talked about rehabilitation in general and especially in his medical facility. Dr med Cornelius depicted the two procedures of application very detailed: One the one hand there is rehabilitation after a surgery. He explained which symptoms and results of surgery are required to justify rehab. On the other hand he talked about the „normal“ rehabilitation. He told us which restrictions we must suffer from in our everyday lives in order to increase our chances. He also informed us in detail about the process of rehabilitation in his facility, including beneficial effect of the mud bath and the physical and emotional therapies during one’s stay.

Eventually we sang a last song to say goodbye, under the guidance of the singer Sylvie. She accompanied the event with six songs in total, of which some where covers and some where self composed .

I think that the „EndoMarch“ was very successful and has fulfilled its mission:
we want to raise awareness for all the women from all around the world suffering from a devastating and chronic disease.


I hope that women from all around the world have met and spent beautiful hours together just like we did in Leipzig! DSCF6183

More pictures: Second EndoMarch Saturday, March 28, 2015 – Team Germany in Leipzig

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