Online Congress EndoMarch 2019

EndoMarch 2019: Registration, Process and Topics

As the world’s largest awareness event for endometriosis, the EndoMarch marks its sixth anniversary this year. The network Endometriosis has this time decided to design the German version of the event as an online congress. The content of this new format does not change anything. As usual, the opportunity will be used to share news and developments related to endometriosis with those affected and interested. Among other things, experts in the form of interviews will contribute to the attractive information content.

Registration and content

At a free and non-binding registration is possible. All you need to do is enter your first name, surname and e-mail address to complete the registration process. This is followed by a confirmation email with a link to the privacy policy. Once you have agreed with this, we may send you further information about the process and the contents. Whenever a new topic has been deposited, participants will receive a message with detailed information and easy access instructions.

So far, the following topics and lecturers (mainly German speaking, partly English speaking) are set: 1. XX 2. XX 3. XX 4. XX 5. XX 6.XX 7. XX 

More online congresses will follow

The registration does not only refer to this year’s online event EndoMarch 2019. We are planning other interesting online events such as web seminars. With your registration you make sure to receive important information about endometriosis in the future as well. Of course, the registration is always free.

Important: Any support for our activities is welcome! This applies to the design of the content, for the sharing of information and feedback as well as for a commitment as a speaker or speaker. Our thanks already go to all contributors and participants!