#weareendo – strong together

Endometriosis is a severe gyneacological disease that still lives in the shadows, Endometriosis is the growth of uterine lining and adhesions in the abdominal region. Millions of women suffer from numerous consequences like severe pain, mental issues and even grave difficulties conceiving. Not seldom do women receive their diagnosis after several years of suffering along with pointless therapies. This is due to inexperience and the lack of knowledge amongst doctors and even affected women. Beyond that, women often feel misunderstood and left alone. Fortunately, we now have the internet and social media to do good for endometriosis patients. This is where the Hashtag #weareendo comes into play.

#weareendo can effect wonders!

It doesn’t matter if you are affected, a family member, a friend, an aquaintance, blogger or author:

Use the hashtag #weareendo whenever you have something to say that’s related to endometriosis. We want to stimulate a debate, not only to sensitize the public but also to encourage women to talk about their disease. We want to prove that endometriosis goes far beyond pelvic pain. We want to gather all the ups and downs under one search keyword. This also aids the self help we support.

This is how it works

Everytime you post something to social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter that is related to endometriosis, add the Hashtag #weareendo (just type in “#” followed by the eleven letter “weareendo”) to it. Where in your post you do that doesn’t matter. Other users can find posts and discussions by searching for the keyword “weareendo”, share them or take part in sharing information.

Examples of application:

  • You commit to self help and want to inform about your work

  • You blog about endometriosis

  • You suffer from endometriosis and want to shed light on your situation

  • You are a doctor and share information free of charge or want to call atention to your services

  • You want to thank your doctors, family members or friends

  • You are a partner, child, friend, colleague or are affected yourself and want to tell something endometriosis related

  • You are an employer of an affected woman and want to share information on what this means for your firm

  • You are not sure whether someone you know suffers from endometriosis and want to shed a light on the disease

  • You deal with endometriosis as part of your studies, scientific research or a research journey. You want to do reaearch and target the right audience

In short: Women affected by endometriosis can network and share information by using the hashtag #weareendo. Other users of social media platforms become aware of endometriosis. We hereby sensitize the public and women suffering from endometriosis can benefit from it.